Calcium Aluminate Cements, available with both 70% and 80% alumina content, are very white, high purity hydraulic bonding agents providing controlled setting times and strength development for today's high performance refractory products.




Refractory Bricks with Bellow Specifications:


Refractory Bricks

230×114×64                                                 Type: I.F.B 2300                                                4000 PCS

230×114×64                                                 Types: I.F.B 2600                                               600 PCS


Chemical Formula: Al2 O3. SioO2

Appearance: A medium-grained grey aggregate

 Chemical Composition





We have a  local producer and exporter of refractory grade bauxite (Rotary kiln and Round kiln).

our bauxite is from China . high alumina and low iron.


Standard dry hydrate ground available with median average size from 3 to 30 μm. A special White Hydrate
with an average particle size of about 35 microns.S






This product is a hard and unyielding abrasive, available in spherical shapes. Starball is made by sintering fine Bauxite ore.  Bauxite is the main ore used to produce Aluminium and consists of 75% of Aluminium Oxide.


Bubble aluminas GL - GLHP
Bubble aluminas are thermal insulation
agents used in very light shaped refractories
or monolithics. Which are resistant to high

Brown fused alumina is mainly used in lower temperature refractory applications

Two main types of fused aluminas are available: white and brown fused
aluminas. Fused aluminas are single crystal products.

Activated Alumina is a highly porous form of aluminum oxide, produced by partially dehydrating Aluminum Trihydrate. Activated Alumina has the ability to adsorb a large number of contaminants as a result of its highly porous structure. This porosity and the surface chemistry of Activated Alumina gives it catalytic properties useful in many industrial applications.


High performance abrasive with unique self-sharpening and anti-loading properties best suited for precision grinding


White fused aluminium oxide CRISTAIGU TPA (CUT) is particularly adapted for coated

abrasives destined for wood, metal and leather finishing.